Supernatural Lockdown!

Difficult times are upon us and the next few months are going to be a challenging time for everyone. It is so important that we all do the right thing, stay at home, keep everyone safe and stick to the guidelines set by the NHS and Government.

Last Friday we broadcasted a Supernatural Live! episode from a secret place but we still took precautions and this was before Mondays announcement. We had already postponed all of our events and that looks to be the same for April.

So what will happen with ghost hunts and the paranormal? The guidance is simple, you must stay in unless going for one exercise session a day, caring for a vulnerable person or getting essentials.

Only go to work if it is an essential last resort or a key worker. As much as I love the paranormal and ive done this for many years ghost hunts do not fall into this bracket. So why are they still going ahead?

Frankly, most companies and groups have done the right thing and that is postponed or cancelled them. Boris’s words were simple ‘dont meet friends even if they ask and unless family only go out with two people’ Simply, stay at home!

Its not too much to ask, one thing to ensure we all stay safe and protect each other. But looking on the internet today there are still groups running them! Our work is not essential! we are not key workers.

Its not just putting the public at risk, it’s breaking rules, spreading an awful virus and setting a bad example. Fine, if your home is haunted, do it from there on your own or with people you live with but not in venues or out in public!

Protect the public, help the NHS and dont put profit first! It isnt a game, its peoples lives! So I urge anyone who is planning to do this to stop now!

When this is all over, we can work together and build a community that needs to exist in the paranormal with the right people who are passionate for now, you are being asked to do one thing and thats stay at home!

The NHS and care workers around the world are doing an amazing job! Help them beat this!

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