The wrestling journey continues..

In my last blog I revealed that after many years I had ventured in the wrestling world and since then, I havent looked back. It may only be several months in but it has been mind blowing.

I have been committed to getting fit over the past few years and I have achieved a lot, so when I decided to jump into the ring, you really start to understand how talented wrestlers are.

From hammerlocks to snapmares one of the hardest things were the ropes! Fair to stay I have finally started to get used to that! But I have also learnt how flexible I can be…..Richochet watch out! I am a high flyer for sure!

The ring skills are just one side of the journey, the biggest side is creating a persona, something creative, fun, intense and with my experience acting on the ghost tours this should be easy right?

I have always been involved in Supernatural so it only makes sense that I do something that fits in with that. How about the Emperor of the Underworld, The King of demons or possibly both. Worked for Triple H right?

Then the name, my DJ days takes me back to the name Jensen and in wrestling you need a quick, short name that’s easy to say. I reckon Jensen Ryan sounds good!

Its early days and im starting to build up a character that grabs the attention of the crowd that in time, I can do shows and really put my skills to the test!

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