Bouncing between the ropes

After years of being a fan of WWE……and i mean like 25+ years I decided to give one of my dreams a go and jump between the ropes for myself!

Its no secret that over the past few years I have been on a fitness mission and managed to achieve so much as a regular gym goer, going for runs and watching my diet.

So I decided now is the right time to hump in the right and give it a go for myself and I decided to pop along to the Quality Wrestling Academy in Havant.

Nervous at first, I jumped straight in with trainer Rishi Gosh and gave it a go and it was absolutely amazing! Challenging, motivating and so much more! In fact, with someone who suffers with depression the session really gave me a positive mindset and motivated me even more!

Five sessions in and I have learnt so much from landing the correct way, lock ups, wrist lock and running the ropes……which was strangely the most painful bit and I have the marks to prove it!

But that hasnt stopped me! To hear from the trainer that he feels I have the passion and that im athletic is an amazing compliment and driven me to do it event more.

To my surprise I have learn that I am pretty good at flying through the air and more!

This is just the beginning for me and I am passionate and putting in the hard work to continue and to progress to doing shows.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress… to think of a gimmick! Something supernatural makes sense but lets see!

Either way, this is an exciting moment and I am ready for the challenge!

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