What are ghosts?

The chances are if you ask anyone this golden question they will give you a different answer and that’s because we all have different beliefs.

It’s important to respect those views but if I was to summarise, ghosts are of people who passed away and each has a different story to tell.

Generally, you have those who can interact such as Poltergeists and some are unable to interact such as ones under the stone tape theory.

But either way there tends to be a reason why they are still here.

For thousands of years people have reported ghosts and in the Victorian era communicating with ghosts became a bit of a favourite past time.

In modern times, beliefs have changed but we are still very much on the journey of discovery with ghosts.

We are still fascinated by the mystery of them and watch the various tv shows to try and understand what causes these strange occurrences.

In my opinion ghosts are very much the spirit of someone who has passed who still stay on this earth regardless of the reasons.

Either way, I’ve been fascinated for years and I’ll still continue to be.

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