Ghost Tours…get ready!

Firstly, a huge welcome to my blog! I have been used to doing these for several months now for Supernatural Tours and Events but now I’ve decided to also do my own! Well, why not!

What subject could I use to kick things off? How about the fantastic ghost tours that we have been running. Its hard to believe that the tours started in Winchester many years ago now. It surprised me that no one was already doing them so thought, lets do this!

Several tours in I suggested the idea of acting and playing the part of real people. At first, the response was…well lets just say hardly overwhelming but wow how things changed.

Winchester really started to kick off which enabled us to set our sights on Southampton. I had originally run tours in the city may years ago now but decided to give it the theatrical twist this time around. After years of running paranormal investigations in the city and being featured in the local ghost book it made sense.

Several years in we collaborated with See Southampton to use the vaults, which we continue to do. Sounds awesome right? and it really is….but what was next?

This time it was Portsmouth. We decided to focus on Old Portsmouth where we had spent nights investigating many of the places. Over the years we have rested the Portsmouth tour, brought it back again but now we enter phase two which is very exciting but still, we wanted to do more!

The New Forest, a beautiful tourist destination with plenty of its own stories…so, we launched that tour which mainly takes place in the tourist months and has been building really well….surely, we couldnt do more?

How wrong could you be. Our biggest challenge was next in the form of a major tourist destination, Windsor! The only place we looked at which did have a ghost tour, but that ended several years ago.

The Windsor Ghost Tour, although new has continued to draw in crowds as all our tours continue to do.

It’s hard to put into to words how much I love doing these tours, I simply love it every single time. The opportunity to play historical people such as Sir John Dawtrey or Tudor House, George Villiers, the Duke of Buckingham, Sir Arthur Phillips, Sir Walter Raleigh just to name a few.

I do extensive research to ensure that I play the characters as accurately as possible but there’s just one that is always a challenge to play, and that’s in Windsor where I play Henry VIII. Possibly the most famous monarch who lived.

Why is it a challenge? It goes without saying that most remember his appearance in his later years. But did you know, he was actually very athletic and fit in his younger days? Most don’t!

The fact is that all of our team should be proud of what we have achieved, its fantastic, its fun, its scary and we are all so passionate about them.

So come along and enjoy the event, I know you will love them all!

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