Supernatural Lockdown!

Difficult times are upon us and the next few months are going to be a challenging time for everyone. It is so important that we all do the right thing, stay at home, keep everyone safe and stick to the guidelines set by the NHS and Government.

Last Friday we broadcasted a Supernatural Live! episode from a secret place but we still took precautions and this was before Mondays announcement. We had already postponed all of our events and that looks to be the same for April.

So what will happen with ghost hunts and the paranormal? The guidance is simple, you must stay in unless going for one exercise session a day, caring for a vulnerable person or getting essentials.

Only go to work if it is an essential last resort or a key worker. As much as I love the paranormal and ive done this for many years ghost hunts do not fall into this bracket. So why are they still going ahead?

Frankly, most companies and groups have done the right thing and that is postponed or cancelled them. Boris’s words were simple ‘dont meet friends even if they ask and unless family only go out with two people’ Simply, stay at home!

Its not too much to ask, one thing to ensure we all stay safe and protect each other. But looking on the internet today there are still groups running them! Our work is not essential! we are not key workers.

Its not just putting the public at risk, it’s breaking rules, spreading an awful virus and setting a bad example. Fine, if your home is haunted, do it from there on your own or with people you live with but not in venues or out in public!

Protect the public, help the NHS and dont put profit first! It isnt a game, its peoples lives! So I urge anyone who is planning to do this to stop now!

When this is all over, we can work together and build a community that needs to exist in the paranormal with the right people who are passionate for now, you are being asked to do one thing and thats stay at home!

The NHS and care workers around the world are doing an amazing job! Help them beat this!

The wrestling journey continues..

In my last blog I revealed that after many years I had ventured in the wrestling world and since then, I havent looked back. It may only be several months in but it has been mind blowing.

I have been committed to getting fit over the past few years and I have achieved a lot, so when I decided to jump into the ring, you really start to understand how talented wrestlers are.

From hammerlocks to snapmares one of the hardest things were the ropes! Fair to stay I have finally started to get used to that! But I have also learnt how flexible I can be…..Richochet watch out! I am a high flyer for sure!

The ring skills are just one side of the journey, the biggest side is creating a persona, something creative, fun, intense and with my experience acting on the ghost tours this should be easy right?

I have always been involved in Supernatural so it only makes sense that I do something that fits in with that. How about the Emperor of the Underworld, The King of demons or possibly both. Worked for Triple H right?

Then the name, my DJ days takes me back to the name Jensen and in wrestling you need a quick, short name that’s easy to say. I reckon Jensen Ryan sounds good!

Its early days and im starting to build up a character that grabs the attention of the crowd that in time, I can do shows and really put my skills to the test!

Bouncing between the ropes

After years of being a fan of WWE……and i mean like 25+ years I decided to give one of my dreams a go and jump between the ropes for myself!

Its no secret that over the past few years I have been on a fitness mission and managed to achieve so much as a regular gym goer, going for runs and watching my diet.

So I decided now is the right time to hump in the right and give it a go for myself and I decided to pop along to the Quality Wrestling Academy in Havant.

Nervous at first, I jumped straight in with trainer Rishi Gosh and gave it a go and it was absolutely amazing! Challenging, motivating and so much more! In fact, with someone who suffers with depression the session really gave me a positive mindset and motivated me even more!

Five sessions in and I have learnt so much from landing the correct way, lock ups, wrist lock and running the ropes……which was strangely the most painful bit and I have the marks to prove it!

But that hasnt stopped me! To hear from the trainer that he feels I have the passion and that im athletic is an amazing compliment and driven me to do it event more.

To my surprise I have learn that I am pretty good at flying through the air and more!

This is just the beginning for me and I am passionate and putting in the hard work to continue and to progress to doing shows.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress… to think of a gimmick! Something supernatural makes sense but lets see!

Either way, this is an exciting moment and I am ready for the challenge!

What are ghosts?

The chances are if you ask anyone this golden question they will give you a different answer and that’s because we all have different beliefs.

It’s important to respect those views but if I was to summarise, ghosts are of people who passed away and each has a different story to tell.

Generally, you have those who can interact such as Poltergeists and some are unable to interact such as ones under the stone tape theory.

But either way there tends to be a reason why they are still here.

For thousands of years people have reported ghosts and in the Victorian era communicating with ghosts became a bit of a favourite past time.

In modern times, beliefs have changed but we are still very much on the journey of discovery with ghosts.

We are still fascinated by the mystery of them and watch the various tv shows to try and understand what causes these strange occurrences.

In my opinion ghosts are very much the spirit of someone who has passed who still stay on this earth regardless of the reasons.

Either way, I’ve been fascinated for years and I’ll still continue to be.

Ghost Tours…get ready!

Firstly, a huge welcome to my blog! I have been used to doing these for several months now for Supernatural Tours and Events but now I’ve decided to also do my own! Well, why not!

What subject could I use to kick things off? How about the fantastic ghost tours that we have been running. Its hard to believe that the tours started in Winchester many years ago now. It surprised me that no one was already doing them so thought, lets do this!

Several tours in I suggested the idea of acting and playing the part of real people. At first, the response was…well lets just say hardly overwhelming but wow how things changed.

Winchester really started to kick off which enabled us to set our sights on Southampton. I had originally run tours in the city may years ago now but decided to give it the theatrical twist this time around. After years of running paranormal investigations in the city and being featured in the local ghost book it made sense.

Several years in we collaborated with See Southampton to use the vaults, which we continue to do. Sounds awesome right? and it really is….but what was next?

This time it was Portsmouth. We decided to focus on Old Portsmouth where we had spent nights investigating many of the places. Over the years we have rested the Portsmouth tour, brought it back again but now we enter phase two which is very exciting but still, we wanted to do more!

The New Forest, a beautiful tourist destination with plenty of its own stories…so, we launched that tour which mainly takes place in the tourist months and has been building really well….surely, we couldnt do more?

How wrong could you be. Our biggest challenge was next in the form of a major tourist destination, Windsor! The only place we looked at which did have a ghost tour, but that ended several years ago.

The Windsor Ghost Tour, although new has continued to draw in crowds as all our tours continue to do.

It’s hard to put into to words how much I love doing these tours, I simply love it every single time. The opportunity to play historical people such as Sir John Dawtrey or Tudor House, George Villiers, the Duke of Buckingham, Sir Arthur Phillips, Sir Walter Raleigh just to name a few.

I do extensive research to ensure that I play the characters as accurately as possible but there’s just one that is always a challenge to play, and that’s in Windsor where I play Henry VIII. Possibly the most famous monarch who lived.

Why is it a challenge? It goes without saying that most remember his appearance in his later years. But did you know, he was actually very athletic and fit in his younger days? Most don’t!

The fact is that all of our team should be proud of what we have achieved, its fantastic, its fun, its scary and we are all so passionate about them.

So come along and enjoy the event, I know you will love them all!